NCMA Fellows

What is a Fellow?

The National Board of Directors of the NCMA established the category of NCMA Fellow in July 1966. The Fellow designation is reserved for individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of contracting and to the NCMA. The fellow award is the NCMA’s third-highest award.

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Professional organizations leverage the knowledge and experience of its members to advance their profession. Contract Management is no different.

The NCMA National Board of Directors established the category of NCMA Fellow in July of 1966. The Fellow designation is among NCMA’s most prestigious awards To be granted the designation as NCMA Fellow recognizes that you have made significant contributions to the field of contracting and to NCMA.

This designation is only granted to those members who have used their talent and experience to benefit both the Association and the contract management profession. Nominees for the award are evaluated according to their level of academic training and experience in contract management, teaching and publishing efforts, participation in educational events and conferences, and service to NCMA.

Why strive to achieve the Fellows Award? It recoginizes your accomplishments toward the advancement of Contract Management, as a Profession.

Fellows Charge

  • Continuous support in a leadership role for NCMA and the contract management profession.
  • Participation as a member of the Council of Fellows and as an active member of your local chapter.
  • Contributions to efforts to enhance and expand the professional acceptance of NCMA membership and certification.
  • Mentorship for the development of new NCMA leaders.

Council of Fellows

All new Fellows become members of the Council of Fellows. All Fellows are encouraged to participate as members of the Council:

  • Channel resources for use by NCMA’s National President and President-Elect toward the fulfillment of the Association’s goals and objectives;
  • Offer opportunities to participate in and guide the Association’s future direction and to assist in establishing and administering criteria and standards for Fellows;
  • Foster a forum for roundtable discussions of issues affecting the contract management profession.


Members must submit their application to the NCMA Sacramento Gold Rush Attn: Mr. Javier Castro, Fellows/Awards & Nominating Committee Chair.  Applications must be submitted in duplicate if hard copy or, if submitted electronically, the applicant must provide all supporting documentation (to include copies of papers, certificates, diplomas or transcripts) electronically or on computer disc or CD-ROM.

Applications should be emailed to Mr. Javier Castro at

Mr. Castro will review the applications for completeness and forward them for approval to the NCMA Sacramento Gold Rush President. The Fellows Chair must send approved applications to the NCMA Office of the Executive Vice President with a postmark no later than 45 days prior to next National Board of Directors Meeting date.

Let us help you increase the number of Fellows who represent NCMA Boston.

Application Format and Award Evaluation Process

For detailed information on the award evaluation process, evaluation criteria, and application format, please read the Fellow Award Application Form.