March Workshop 2018 – Cost Estimating & Contract Pricing

“Cost Estimating & Contract Pricing” is a one-day National Education Seminar (NES) presented by Dr. Rene Rendon and Dr. Juanita Rendon of the US Post Naval Graduate School.

The Event focuses on contract pricing and estimating. What should a product, service, or integrated business solution cost? How much is it worth to the buyer? What is the appropriate rate of return or profitability for a product or service? What constitutes a fair and reasonable price? How can buyers ensure they are not paying too much? How can sellers maximize sales, revenue, and profitability in a consistent manner? The answers to these questions range from simple to complex and are the focus of this seminar.

  • Cost Accounting Standards
  • Cost Analysis: Tools and Techniques
  • Profit Analysis: Tools and Techniques
  • Contract Pricing Strategies, Methods, and Best Practices
  • Fixed-Price and Cost-Reimbursement Pricing Arrangements
    Time-and-Materials and Labor-Hour Pricing Arrangements
  • Price Analysis: Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices
  • Total Ownerships Cost in the Department of Defense
  • A Guide to Earned Value Management Systems

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