Innovation in Contracting Award

Innovation in Contracting Award


The Innovation in Contracting Award recognizes successful applications of innovative or leading edge contract management practices in ways not previously demonstrated to achieve mission or organizational goals and results. The purpose of the Innovation in Contracting Awards is threefold:

1. To recognize those who design and/or conceive innovative contract management solutions for business or operational problems through the practical application of contract management concepts, strategies, and practices.
2. To communicate innovative contract management solutions for other NCMA members and the contracting community at large.
3. To highlight innovative contract management solutions for associated professionals, groups, organizations, companies, and professional societies.


NCMA members and nonmembers are eligible for this award. Team nominations are welcome.

Presentation and Award

The award will be presented at one of NCMA’s live events. The winner(s) will be responsible for paying for any travel costs associated with receiving the award. Winner(s) will receive a plaque and recognition in the Contract Management magazine.


Nominations may be made by any NCMA members or nonmembers. Self-nominations are also allowed. Nominations must be made using the nomination form, and should be submitted electronically to Nominations are due by March 1.

Evaluation Process


The list of nominations received will be compiled by the National Office, and sent to a review team for evaluation. The review team will notify the NCMA staff and nominees of their decision by April 1.


Evaluation Criteria

Nominees will be judged using the following criteria:
1. Business impact: what is the business value of the contract management solution?
2. Maturity: to what degree has the solution’s visions been implemented? Has the solution been operating long enough to corroborate business impact and value?
3. Relevance: does the contract management solution exemplify leading practices that other organizations can adopt?
4. Innovation: does the solution use an innovative concept, strategy, or practice? Innovation can relate to enabling technology, business application, organization, contracting methodology, etc.

Note: Applications that appear to be focused on sales or marketing pitches for products or services will be rejected.